Rafael Maldonado, Doctor

    Dr. Rafael Maldonado carried out research for 11 years in France and the USA and, since 2000, he is a Professor of Pharmacology of the University Pompeu Fabra (Barcelona, Spain), where he founded the Laboratory of Neuropharmacology, presently with around 30 persons under his direction.
    His research lines are focused in the study of the neurochemical/anatomical basis of drug dependence, including opoids, cannabinoids and nicotine. Moreover, he is studying affective disorders (depression, anxiety), neuropathic pain and eating disorders.
    He has over 350 scientific articles in international journals and he has been Principal Investigator for 25 years of research grants funded by the main Spanish, European and USA agencies. He is also reviewer/member of the Editorial Board of several scientific journals, and has also collaborated with public authorities and private companies in the research policy and pharmaceuticals development on drug abuse and pain.
    He has a well-consolidated experience as group leader and investigator in neurobehavioral projects using animal models in an integrated approach.

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