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It is with pleasure and enthusiasm that I write to all the members of WADD my first “Presidential Message”.

I am, of course, very proud because we have achieved another positive step for WADD. This message is written in the official Newsletter of WADD; thus, achieving another success for WADD.

For several years, Dr Miguel Casas worked very hard and effectively planned the creation of a “Dual Diagnoses” concept; subsequently, Dr Nestor Szerman joined him in converting this “concept” on a reality; over the years additional leaders within the field of “Addiction”, including myself, joined them on a worldwide effort to make this “idea” a reality. Last April, 2015, this idea became a reality during the “Barcelona Congress”, the WADD Association was created with a very large international support, and I was elected President of WADD for 3 years.

Today, as a manifestation of reality and our combined strong efforts, the first issue of the WADD Newsletter was created, without question, I feel proud, satisfied and inspired to continue with the expansion and effectiveness of WADD at a worldwide level.

During our Barcelona Congress of April 2015, the Executive Committee of WADD, was elected and created; It is composed of: Prof. Pedro Ruiz (USA), President; Prof. Miguel Casas (Spain), Vice President; Dr. Nestor Szerman (Spain), Secretary; and Prof. Icro Maremmani (Italy), Treasurer.

Additionally, a group of outstanding worldwide leaders were elected as Country Representatives; the following have already answered positively: Dr. Yatan Balhara (INDIA), Dr. Javier Didia (ARGENTINA), Dr. Nady El-Guebaly (CANADA), Dr. Johan Frank (SWEDEN), Dr. Andrej Kastelic (SLOVENIA), Dr. Arturo Lerner (ISRAEL), Dra. Mª Elena Medina Mora (MEXICO), Dr. Medhi Paes (MOROCCO), Dr. Wim Van Den Brink (THE NETHERLANDS) and Dr. Elvia Velasquez (COLOMBIA).

During the last several months a series of worldwide leaders in the “Addiction” field were additionally selected/elected to the group of Country representatives; Dr. Gabriele Fischer (AUSTRIA) has already agreed.

Without question, I am pleased and proud of my position of First President of WADD for the first 3 years of its existence, and look forward to do my very best together with all of you to convert WADD on the most respected organization worldwide on the field of “Addiction”.

Best regards,   Pedro Ruiz, M.D. PRESIDENT, WADD

Pedro Ruiz, M.D.
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