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By: K. Fraser, M.A., M.D.

Associate Professor, Osteopathic Medical College of Wisconsin

Intra and interannotater agreement the inter-annotator agreement per each language direction and error category and/or subcategory on a sentence basis is calculated in the first phase of the research muscle relaxant non drowsy trusted 400mg tegretol. The calculation is performed by the equation in (1) muscle relaxant causing jaundice order tegretol 200mg, where all stands for the total number of annotations by each annotator spasms pelvic area safe 200 mg tegretol, and agree stands for the number of annotations on which agreement is reached spasms homeopathy right side cheap tegretol 400 mg. Since annotators might agree on the label but not on the position merely because there are no guidelines on how to conduct annotation, only the agreement on the categories is reported, with the presumption that detecting errors is what matters after all, and not their precise position in sentences. The questions concerned the appropriate positions for annotations of missing word and word order categories. Figure 1 presents the distribution of quality scores per each annotator and language direction. Interestingly, out of three translation directions which contain sentences scored 5, two of them also contain sentences scored 1. Both annotators evaluating the German-Croatian translation direction agree that there are some extremely bad sentences, while both annotators evaluating the Croatian-English direction agree that some sentence translations are perfect. Pearson correlation coefficients are calculated between error frequencies and human sentence scores, and between error frequencies of selected categories and human sentence scores. The coefficients between the total number of errors and human scores, as well as between the number of incorrect words and human scores are significant at p<0. The most represented category per all language directions is incorrect word category, followed by missing word and word order. According to the number of errors at the intermediate level of detail, which is not included due to space considerations, the most frequent subcategory is extra word for translations into English and German, while the biggest issue for translations from English into Croatian is detected with the incorrect form category. Pearson correlation coefficients between selected categories and human scores Pearson Avg score errs -0. Number of errors per each annotator and translation direction at lowest level of detail the intra and inter-annotator agreements for the top-level categories are given in Figure 3. Inter-annotator agreement could not be calculated for the CroatianGerman language direction since there was no second annotator at disposal. Intra-annotator agreement is calculated only for translation directions involving English and Croatian due to time considerations. Intra annotator agreement is consistently over 60%, except for the word order and punctuation categories. As far as incorrect words are concerned, the agreement in translating into morphologically rich Croatian is somewhere between 65 and 75%. This is done purposefully to better understand different notions of error analysis. Since annotators might agree on the label but not on the position merely due to the lack of guidelines, positions are excluded from the study. Furthermore, they lack determination on deciding whether a missing word is content or filter. One of the annotators showed the tendency to follow references too strictly and mark differences automatically, machine-like. Although at first glance it might seem that human annotators are rather forgiving as far as style is concerned, this can be attributed to the genre of the text. Therefore, the style category could be excluded from our further studies, except in highly specialized domains with a pronounced style. It could be abandoned from further studies as well, in order to reduce the dimensionality of calculations. A first draft of the guidelines which we either adopt from related work or compile based on the results obtained in this study is given as follows: (1) only after reading and comprehending translation, check your understanding by consulting source or reference sentence; (2) register all possible errors on a word; (3) mark as few errors as possible to make the sentence grammatically correct and semantically equivalent to the source; (4) if the meaning is affected, wrong preposition should be annotated as a disambiguation error; (5) use higher-level categories when it is not possible to use deeper-level categories; (6) mark filter word if unsure whether the missing word is content or filter; (7) if unsure whether an error is a disambiguation or a lexical choice error, consult the corresponding source word and confirm whether it can be used in both senses in order to opt for disambiguation error. Agreement per sentence reveals that sentences with many errors are too hard to annotate unanimously and should be excluded from assessment. The authors in (Lommel, Burchardt, Popovic, Harris, Avramidis, & Uszkoreit, 2014) use more than three errors as a threshold. The pa aper confirms that it is p possible to get a reas sonable agre eement even without any guidelines. The analysis confirms t nes s the intuiti notion th the system best handles translation from a mo ive hat m ns orphologically rich into a morp h phologically poor langua age. Presenting fin ne-grained agreemen analysis where the kap values ar given for each error c nt w ppa re category is left for ou future wo It would be interesti to show confusion m ur ork.

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Chapter 6 describes health care seeking behaviour and the use of traditional healers by the people of Kalabo spasms under ribs order 400 mg tegretol. Kanono muscle relaxant rx quality tegretol 400 mg, mbaci and demon possession are unknown conditions in western medicine muscle relaxant 2mg tegretol 400mg, and in Kalabo people suffering from these conditions first visit a traditional healer spasms with cerebral palsy proven 400mg tegretol. Only if people analyse their needs themselves, as was proposed in the Declaration of Alma Ata, can a true answer be expected. It was not expected that very difficult discussions were to follow about the indications for use of the ambulance and the radios. A chairman of a Neighbourhood Health Committee even had to be laid off because of misuse of the ambulance (for transporting his maize to the provincial capital). A second reason why it is difficult to understand the true needs or demands of people is that needs can be influenced by what is being offered in health care. For example, by offering adequate essential obstetric care in a district hospital, women might be encouraged to experience maternal deaths in the community as a problem, whilst in the past maternal deaths were accepted as "a fall on the battlefield in the line of duty" (Chapter 3). Would mothers mention this problem if they had not known that pneumonia could be treated with antibiotics in the hospital? Thirdly, people are different and experience different problems, needs and demands. Men, women, the old and the young, the rich and the poor, can all experience different health needs. In other words, it depends on who you ask, as to which health needs will be expressed. The last reason why it is so difficult to know what people really need and demand is that very little research has focussed on needs. Even in direct interaction, health workers frequently pay insufficient attention to what patients really need. At the end of a consultation health workers have a different impression of the needs of their patients than the patients themselves. Some public health specialists have defined the needs of people, making use of statistics and epidemiological data. They mislead themselves by thinking that they do not need to ask people about their needs. They think that they already know the needs of the people, because they have data. They are able to design their intervention programmes without talking to the people whose health needs to be improved. Even the public health priorities for Zambia, mentioned in Chapter 2, should give rise to questions. The example in Textbox 2 shows how difficult it can be, at district level, to work according to an annual plan which was drafted with full participation of the community. We then stopped all other activities and started to implement the programmes, which had been designed by others, in other offices, without talking to us or the communities in the district. The local health workers were very eager to run the large programmes, because many allowances were usually available. However, the different options, the dependent variables in Kroegers model (Chapter 6), are limited in Kalabo. Traditional healers, modern health institutions and a private clinic are available. Factors which play an important role in making choices have been identified in Chapter 5, 6 and 7: distance, availability of transport, direct and indirect costs, previous experiences with health care (workers), i. An important difference between low and high-income countries is that the choices in low-income countries are often limited. Access to health services in Kalabo is often limited and there is an unfair difference. Children with pneumonia who live more than two hours away from the rural health centre run a higher risk of dying from the disease than those who live closer to the centre. The charging of fees has reduced financial accessibility, according to more than one third of the respondents (Chapter 4).

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Unifactorial (unigenetic) disorders: these are single gene disorders spasms on right side of stomach purchase tegretol 200 mg, (the autosomal dominant and recessive disorders and X-linked recessive disorders) the opposite of multifactorial characteristics (Q spasms in abdomen effective tegretol 400 mg. Because of high inter-individual variability microsatellites are commonly used as markers for linkage analysis muscle spasms 72885 effective tegretol 200 mg. Xenotransplant: organ or tissue transplanted from one species of animal into another muscle relaxant natural remedies trusted 200 mg tegretol. Mitochondrial chromosomes Mitochondria, highly motile subcellular organelles that fuse and divide (Chan, 2007), contain their own chromosomes. The mitochondrion and its genome are thought to be remnants of a free-living bacterium, probably a proteobacterium. Statins and omega-3 fatty acids (Farzaneh-Far ea, 2010) hold promise in blunting the effects of telomere shortening, as may physical activity. Features include severe mental retardation, microcephaly, holoprosencephaly, deafness, seizures, heart and kidney anomalies, cleft lip/palate, and omphalocele. The latter condition will affect all the offspring of an affected woman but none of the children of an affected male. Younger cells have longer telomeres than older ones: they become shorter with each cell division. One potential danger of using telomerase would be excessive cell division (cancer). Counselling Genetic counselling is the process by which patients or relatives at risk of a disorder that may be hereditary are advised of the consequences of the disorder, the probability of developing and transmitting it, and of the ways in which this may be prevented or ameliorated. The process is made difficult by a lack of a sufficient number of available generations, lack of post-mortem studies, early death of a parent, illegitimacy, mutations, and a relative lack of experience in assessing people for psychopathology before genetic testing. Counselling for dementing disorders should probably be given in a medical genetics facility by a multidisciplinary team. They also warn against pressuring a couple into terminating a pregnancy simply because they would have to look after a disabled individual. It is important to be sure that the patient understands the nature and implications of the test. Age of onset and clinical severity of myoclonic epilepsy with ragged-red fibres vary widely, even in the same nuclear family, mainly due to heteroplasmy: each sufferer inherits a different mixture of normal and mutated mitochondria from the mother. The Minister for Health (Republic of Ireland) told the Dбil (Lower House of parliament) that the Health Insurance (Amendment) Bill, 2000 retains prohibition on taking genetic testing into account when determining health insurance premiums. The attitudes of those who may share ones genes must be considered,(Shaw, 1987) as must the possible adverse psychological reactions to testees to the results (Kessler, 1987) or the procedure. People may be less likely to take up offers of predictive testing if no treatment is available. Advance directives, time spent with the family, and settling of financial affairs would be important considerations should a test prove positive. Genetic research may ways in which environmental manipulation might mitigate pathogenic endowment from our genes. Pyeritz (1990) pointed out that this would need to be attempted soon after conception. Somatic gene therapy involves the introduction and expression of recombinant genes in somatic cells for the purpose of treating a disease. Cloning of human embryos in order to produce tissues for transplant purposes was reported from America in November 2001. Cloning in humans was thought to be prohibited in Britain under the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 1990 but a November 2001 High Court ruling pointed out that such was not the case and led to a governmental reaction to ensure prohibitive legislation. However, in May 2005, the Law Lords ruled that such cloning was not prohibited, i. Extracorporeal embryos are regulated as are human-admixed embryos (a mixture of human and animal genetic material that is used in stem cell research). Same-sexed parents are recognised as legal parents of children conceived via donated sperm, eggs or embryos. Assisted reproduction Advances in this technology are beyond the way people normally think and feel about having a baby. Severe marble bone disease (osteopetrosis), for example, has been treated with stem cell transplantation. Areas affected areas include mood905, thinking or talking906, behaviour907, and social functioning908. Schizophrenia (Andreasen, 1999): A brain disease Manifested as diseased mind Symptoms and signs too diverse to localise the disorder to a single brain region A disorder of neural connectivity909 (Symond ea, 2005) caused by multiple factors affecting brain development Final common pathway is a misregulation of information processing in the brain 910 902 Prof Saks is a law professor in Southern California who has schizophrenia controlled by clozapine.

In the absence of strong political and social institutions muscle relaxant exercises quality tegretol 200 mg, technology may only precipitate the collapse of state power spasms during meditation effective 100 mg tegretol, but 306 the Net Delusion it is easy to lose sight of real-world dynamics when one is so enthralled by the supposed brilliance of a technological fix muscle relaxant used in surgery tegretol 200mg. Otherwise policymakers risk falling into unthinking admiration of technology as panacea spasms definition purchase tegretol 400mg, which the British architect Cedric Price once ridiculed by pondering, "Technology is the answer, but what was the question? This explains why we fight climate change by driving cars that are more fuel-efficient and protect ourselves from Internet surveillance by relying on tools that encrypt our messages and conceal our identity. Often this only aggravates the situation, as it precludes a more rational and comprehensive discussion about the root causes of a problem, pushing us to deal with highly visible and inconsequential symptoms that can be cured on the cheap instead. This creates a never-ending and extremely expensive cat-and-mouse game in which, as the problem gets worse, the public is forced to fund even newer, more powerful tools to address it. Thus we avoid the search for a more effective nontechnological solution that, while being more expensive (politically or financially) in the short-term, could end the problem once and for all. How, for example, do most Western governments and foundations choose to fight Internet censorship by authoritarian governments? This may be an appropriate solution for some countries-think, for example, of North Korea, where Western governments have very little diplomatic and political leverage-but this is not necessarily the best approach to handle countries that are nominally Western allies. In such cases, a nearly exclusive focus on fighting censorship with anticensorship tools distracts policymakers from addressing the root causes of censorship, which most often have to do with excessive restrictions that oppressive governments place on free speech. The easy availability of circumvention technology should not preclude policymakers from more ambitious-and ultimately more effective-ways the Wicked Fix 307 of engagement. Democratic leaders pretend that they are once again heroically destroying the Berlin Wall, while their authoritarian counterparts are happy to play along, for they have found other effective ways to control the Internet. In an ideal world, the Western campaign to end Internet censorship in Tunisia or Kazakhstan would primarily revolve around exerting political pressure on their West-friendly authoritarian rulers and would deal with the offline world of newspapers and magazines as well. In many of these countries, muzzling journalists would continue to be the dominant tactic of suppressing dissent until, at least, more of their citizens get online and start using it for more activities than just using email or chatting with their relatives abroad. Except for his ruminations about hydrogen bombs and war, Weinberg did not discuss how technological fixes might affect foreign policy. Nevertheless, one can still trace how a tendency to frame foreign policy problems in terms of technological fixes has affected Western thinking about authoritarian rule and the role that the Internet can play in undermining it. Similarly, just because the Internet-that ultimate technological fix-can help mobilize people around certain causes, it is tempting to conceptualize the problem in 308 the Net Delusion terms of mobilization as well. This is one of those situations in which the unique features of technological fixes prevent policymakers from discovering the multiple hidden dimensions of the challenge, leading them to identify and solve problems that are easily solvable rather than those that require immediate attention. Otherwise, they run the risk of prescribing their favorite medicine based only on a few common symptoms, without even bothering to offer a diagnosis. But as it is irresponsible to prescribe cough medicine for someone who has cancer, so it is to apply more technology to social and political problems that are not technological in nature. Taming the Wicked Authoritarianism the growing supply of technological and even social fixes presupposes that the problem of authoritarianism can be fixed. To ask this question is not to suggest that there will always be evil and dictators in the world; rather, it is to question whether, from a policy-planning perspective, one can ever find the right mix of policies and incentives that could be described as a "solution" and could then be applied in completely different environments. In 1972, Horst Rittel and Melvin Webber, two influential design theorists at the University of California at Berkeley, published an essay with the unpromising title of "Dilemmas in a General Theory of Planning. But the growing complexity of modern societies made such investigations difficult to conduct. As planners began to "see social processes as the links tying the Wicked Fix 309 open systems into large and interconnected networks of systems, such that outputs from one become inputs to others," they were no longer certain of "where and how [to] intervene even if [they] do happen to know what aims [they] seek. Nevertheless, Rittel and Webber proposed that instead of glossing over the growing inefficiency of both technological and social fixes, planners-and policymakers more generally-should confront this gloomy reality and acknowledge that no amount of careful planning would resolve many of the problems they were seeking to tackle. To better understand the odds of success, they proposed to distinguish between "wicked" and "tame" problems. Tame or benign problems can be precisely defined, and one can easily tell when such problems have been solved. The solutions may be expensive but are not impossible and, given the right mix of resources, can usually be found. Designing a car that burns less fuel and attempting to accomplish checkmate in five moves in chess are good examples of typical tame problems. They are hard to define-in fact, they cannot be defined until a solution has been found.

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