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Tanaka designed the wooden control panel symptoms joint pain fatigue effective aricept 10mg, which was placed on the turntable of a record player 4 medications at target effective 5mg aricept. As a visitor pushed a button the panel would rotate symptoms torn rotator cuff 5mg aricept, and the bells would start ringing one after another medications or therapy cheap 10 mg aricept, producing a continuum of an alarming sound traveling through the exhibition space. Visitors were invited to come inside the open structure to contemplate the sky and surrounding trees. A small sign said, "Rakugakiban: Please draw freely" ("rakugakiban" means a board offered for graffiti) without attributing the work to any artist. In the 5th volume of the Gutai periodical, which reported on the outdoor exhibition, the board was featured only as a "Scribbling Board" in the "Snap" section, which presented snapshots taken by group members and visitors to the outdoor exhibition. The work raised the question whether it was meant as an artwork, or was just a service offered to the public, especially for children. The piece later was officially named Please Draw Freely when it was shown at the Nul international art exhibition in Hague in 1966, to which Gutai had been invited. Whether the piece was originally meant as an artwork or not, Yoshihara defined it as art by then. Like many other young painters, Gutai members often earned their living by teaching painting to children. Tanaka, who used to produce rather minimal works before joining Gutai, discovered industrial textile as a cheap material for creating structures in outdoor space. She continued using electric wiring for the outdoor exhibition in 1956, employing light bulbs and changing light intensity through the use of water. In her best known work Electric Dress (1956)64 she connected light bulbs painted in vivid red, yellow, green, and blue to form a dress, which she wore as performer. Her experience with using textile became p roto m e d i a a rt 125 the basis for her Stage Clothes (Butaifuku, 1957) performance. The dress she had designed and wore continued to dramatically transform as she removed its parts, one after another, on stage. The extremely complex design of the cloth and performance proved her talent in designing a layered but logical system through the use of either electrical circuits or purely physical representations. From 1957 onwards Tanaka concentrated on abstract paintings based on drawings she had done for designing electric circuits. Her interest in movement was occasionally realized in the form of figures painted on large circular wooden panels that rotated, driven by motors, and were installed in her garden. In the film Round on Sand, Tanaka is seen drawing these types of lines and figures on the beach, and the waves wash them away. Sadamasa Motonaga suspended plastic bags-a new material at the time-filled with colored water for the outdoor exhibitions. Among the technically most advanced members of Gutai was Kanayama, who experimented with industrial materials such as inflatable balloons and plastic sheets. His Footprints (1956) was an installation using long white plastic sheets with black "footprints," laid on the floor of the exhibition venue or on the ground (if exhibited outdoors), and inviting visitors to walk on it. The artist built, modified, and drove around the car on a sheet laid on the floor. Kanayama tested a variety of crayons, markers, black and color inks that were scribbled or dripped by the car over large pieces of paper and later white vinyl sheets, which the artist found to be most appropriate for his purpose. The result was a series of complex line drawings-traces of an entangled relationship between the artist and the machine, control and chance operation. Shiraga, who performed Challenging Mud in 1955, continued to use his own body in his work, often painting with his feet while swinging on a rope hung from the ceiling. Shimamoto painted on large canvases, first by throwing glass bottles filled with paint, and later using a cannon and even a helicopter. One has to wonder whether Gutai members saw their work in the tradition of publicly performing calligraphy or calligraphic painting, which had existed since the Edo era.

Likewise symptoms pinched nerve neck effective 10mg aricept, having a familial relationship with alleged co-conspirators may not symptoms after hysterectomy purchase aricept 10 mg, by itself medicine 0027 v cheap aricept 5mg, provide the basis for a conspiracy conviction treatment 4 lung cancer 5mg aricept. He must not only have been present, he must have known about the conspiracy, he must have intended by his presence to participate in the conspiracy or to help it succeed. In other words, presence itself may demonstrate membership in a conspiracy only if that presence is a functional part of the conspiracy. Focusing on the portion of the instruction referring to presence, the court wrote that "presence under circumstances that advance the purposes of the conspiracy would be sufficient to support a finding of guilt. The aiding and abetting instruction should contain the "mere presence" concept by requiring willful association and participation in the offense. In the Ninth Circuit, the crime of aiding and abetting contains a specific intent element beyond the mental state required by the principal crime. For obvious reasons, information on this point usually is damaging to the remaining defendant. If, for example, the judge granted a Rule 29 judgment of acquittal motion for the co-defendant, the jury may infer that the judge decided the remaining defendant was guilty. If the co-defendant pled guilty, the jury may infer the guilt of the remaining defendant, particularly in a conspiracy case. If the co-defendant fled, the jury certainly will consider flight as evidence of consciousness of guilt. Due to the significant prejudice presented by any of these scenarios, counsel for any remaining defendant must carefully draft instructions to guard against any such negative inferences. These elements either may be contained in separate jury instructions or, following the modern trend, combined in one simplified instruction. The crime of conspiracy is, by its nature, "an inchoate offense," Iannelli, 420 U. However, no conspiracy conviction may lie for mere guilt by association with members of the conspiracy. The court held that the fact that defendant "firmly insisted on certain conditions unacceptable to his would-be co-conspirators" demonstrated that the defendant did not agree to commit the crime absent fulfillment of these conditions precedent. Defense counsel should urge instructions tailored to the proof of an individual case under the Melchor-Lopez rationale. A defendant also can attack the alleged conspiratorial agreement by asserting that any alleged relationship was limited to a buyer-seller relationship. The validity of this argument is derived from the fact that while, by definition, the buyer-seller relationship requires two actors, it is not, in and of itself, a conspiracy, because there is no joint objective. The buyer wishes to buy, and the seller, to sell; thus, there is no "meeting of the minds" regarding a single, commonly shared objective. In deciding whether to give a buyer-seller instruction, the court should consider factors such as the amount of drugs involved, their resale value, whether the defendant is an addict, and whether the purchase appears to be for personal use. If counsel does not request a buyer-seller instruction, the issue is not preserved for appeal. The rationale behind the Sears rule is similar to that which underlies the entrapment defense: "The legitimate law enforcement function of crime prevention `does not include the manufacturing of crime. In every conspiracy case, defense counsel should request an instruction that the jury cannot find the defendant guilty of conspiracy if it finds that the defendant conspired only with a government agent, nor may it convict a defendant of conspiracy if all other co-conspirators are acquitted on such a charge. A multiple conspiracy instruction is warranted if, based on the evidence, a reasonable jury could find either more than one such illicit agreement or an agreement different from the one charged. The jury must acquit all defendants charged in the single conspiracy if the jury finds that a series of separate conspiracies existed rather than the lone conspiracy charged in the indictment. If, however, the evidence shows no variance between the allegation of a single conspiracy and the evidence presented, the court need not give such an instruction. The matter of whether the evidence has established one conspiracy or more than one is a question of fact for a well-instructed jury. It is imperative that defense counsel request a multiple conspiracy instruction, as it is not reversible error to omit the multiple conspiracy instruction if it is not timely requested. Counsel also should request a special unanimity instruction in conspiracy cases in which multiple or complex conspiracies may exist.

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This reduces our ability somewhat to predict how climate is likely to change in the Arctic over the next few decades treatment venous stasis order 10 mg aricept. Future changes of greenhouse-gas concentrations and other forcing agents (for example treatment quinsy safe 5 mg aricept, sulfate aerosols and atmospheric dust) on which the model projections rely are uncertain treatment modalities safe aricept 5mg. The international science community is continually working to fill scientific gaps and reduce uncertainties treatment rheumatoid arthritis effective 10 mg aricept. Despite these gaps and uncertainties, the current generation of models is able to replicate many aspects of the Arctic climate system fairly well as discussed next in this chapter. Chapter 4 84 An Evaluation of the Science Needs to Inform Decisions on Outer Continental Shelf Energy Development in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas, Alaska Atmosphere Surface Air Temperature. Through roughly 2070, the range of results among the models (across-model scatter) is roughly comparable to the range associated with our future emissions pathway (acrossscenario scatter). Although the range is large, none of the models project a decrease in temperature in the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas by mid-century for any season for any of the emission scenarios. As discussed above, the best estimate of projected climate conditions is provided by the ensemble average. As with the individual models, the 14-member ensemble average shows a pronounced warming in the Arctic during the cold seasons, particularly during autumn and winter (fig. Within the Arctic, the regions projected to experience the greatest warming are the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas due to the influx of warmer Pacific water through the Bering Strait, extensive sea-ice retreat during the summer, delayed freeze-up in the autumn, and thinner sea ice during the winter. The spatial and seasonal patterns of warming are very similar for the other emission scenarios, although the magnitude of the changes are smaller and larger for the B1 and A2 emission scenarios, respectively. There is a tendency for the models that performed best (smallest errors) during Arctic validation tests to project the greatest warming in this region. Thus, the magnitude of the mid-century warming for the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas (stated above) based on ensemble averages is conservative, especially for the cold seasons. As at mid-latitudes, the pressure field in the Arctic displays much more spatial variability during the winter than during the summer, reflecting more intense atmospheric circulation during the cold season. Compared to the observations, the prevalent anticyclone in atmospheric circulation over the Arctic Ocean (the Beaufort Sea High) is broadened and shifted northwards in the model simulations. Although the winds rapidly change on a daily basis due to passing weather systems, there are some patterns that consistently reappear. These persistent wind patterns largely drive the mean nearsurface ocean currents and the movement of sea ice. By mid-century, the western half of the Beaufort Sea High is expected to weaken during autumn as it is difficult to establish high pressure over the relatively warm water of the ice-free Chukchi Sea. During winter, the Aleutian Low is projected to migrate northward, as is the high pressure bridge between Canada and Eurasia. Migration of the bridge may again be linked to the difficulty of establishing high pressure over areas of decreased sea ice as the ice edge is projected to be farther north at this time of year than at present (2011). The net effect is to move the boundary between the Aleutian Low and the high-pressure bridge from a location approximately over the Bering Strait to a new location over the Chukchi Sea by about mid-century. Still, the seasonal wind projections in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas make sense on purely physical grounds, given the decrease of sea ice there. Nevertheless, several arguments can be made suggesting that it will be stormier during autumn and winter. As the Aleutian Low is an expression of the dominant cold-season storm track, and the Aleutian Low is projected to migrate northward, a greater percentage of storms originating in the North Pacific are expected to follow a more northerly track through the Bering Sea into the west coast of Alaska by mid-century rather than crossing the Aleutian Islands into the Gulf of Alaska (Chapman and Walsh, 2007). Although relatively few North Pacific storms currently penetrate into the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas through the Bering Strait, this likely will be a more common occurrence in the future, especially during winter. With the projected decrease of sea ice in the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas, more heat and moisture will be available to power storms in this region during autumn.

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